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Gustavo Cortes-Vega was born and raised in San Luis Potosi Mexico, the second of 7 niños y niñas.  When he was 15 years old, he was recruited by a pro soccer team in Mexico City; two years later he was recruited by a second pro team.  He told both recruiters no, gracias:  he didn’t want to move so far from Mamá y Papá!  Now Gustavo plays soccer with his grandbabies and on an over 50s soccer team in Austin. 

Gustavo is bilingual in Spanish and English and a California-certified translator and interpreter. He teaches soccer and Spanish at MasterSchool.  Actually, he teaches kids.




Brad Griffin Dr. Brad—is the daddy of Shea, Chase, Landry (LuluBucketheadLittleSquirtSweetnessPrestonLandryGriffin) and Nataly,  and he's Jennifer's husband.  He is a family doctor in Ft. Worth (except when he’s at MasterSchool) and is our physician on call.  Sometimes we have to call him at his office, sometimes we just yell out the back door of MasterSchool.







Jennifer Masters Griffin graduated from North Texas State University with a major in education. She then stayed a few more years to earn her Masters of Education, Gifted Endorsement and Administrator's Certificate.  She's taught third grade, kindergarten and Spanish and she's been a MasterSchool teacher since she was 14.  Yep: 14.  She started working here in 1982--when we opened--and though she took a few years off to have those babies named above, she has now worked at MasterSchool for almost 30 years!

Christopher Masters started teaching at MasterSchool in 1982 when he was 12 years old---our youngest teacher!  He taught Horseback Riding, Mechanics, Swim Lessons and took groups on camping trips.   He helped invent MasterSchool’s favorite game, Werewolf.  Christopher co-taught a Self Contained class at O.Henry Middle School with April and was the seventh grade football coach.  He owns M&M Moving and Warehouse Storage (in case you need anything moved or stored! :-)

He’s the guy we call when the pool starts to turn turquoise, a van has a flat, the horses need hay, a tree dies, we want to hear a good joke, we can’t figure out how to make the fans work, a kid needs a Big Hug (or when we do), the horse trough needs moving, the chicks need feed, a van won’t start, we can’t find a tool, Hunter misses his dad, Terry misses her son, Jennifer misses her brother, April misses her husband, Brad misses his friend or Gustavo misses his step-son.



April Masters began her experience with gifted and talented programs as an elementary student.  Unfortunately, by the time her family discovered MasterSchool, she had decided that she was much "too cool" for camp, so she only visited MasterSchool with her mom (then a MasterSchool teacher) and her younger sister (then a MasterSchool kid) that first year.  Later, as she was approaching graduation from the University of Texas, she realized that she really wasn't too cool for camp and she returned to MasterSchool as a counselor, lifeguard and eventually as a teacher.  (That's when she met Chris Masters...but that's another story).  Upon earning her Bachelor of Science from the University of Texas College of Education, with dual certification in Elementary Education and Special Education (emotional-behavioral disorders), April taught middle school for 6 years then served as a Behavior Specialist/Pervasive Development Disorder Consultant for 4 years.  You'll find April at home on the ranch enjoying raising Hunter, Jakob and veggies; volunteering with Bible Study Fellowship; and helping her husband Chris with his business and her mother-in-law Terry with MasterSchool.



Clark Perry was a camper then a counselor before he became a MasterSchool teacher. 

    He now lives in Los Angeles (where he is a writer,

    actor and rap artist) but he loves us so much he

    comes "home" to MasterSchool each summer! 

    While working as a digital book and newspaper

    editor on publications including the New York 

    Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Twilight 

    series, Clark was cast in the Emmy-winning 

   HBO film "Temple Grandin."  He has   since guest

   starred as a U.S.  soldier fighting the Taliban in

   the CMT show "Angels Among Us" and as a

   medical technician saving a boy's life in the 

   Travel Channel series "Got Home Alive."   Clark

   provided  a voice for the Disney web series

   "CeReality" on Disney.com and has completed

   roles in three exciting independent films.  He

   spends his "free" time  volunteering with kids and 

   the homeless.





Lauren Peterson is very excited for her first year teaching at MasterSchool! She has a BFA in Photography and a love for historic photographic processes- you know, what people used before everyone’s phone was a camera, even before you could buy film. She loves food, especially growing and making her own. She can often be found volunteering to lead kids’ activities at Austin’s downtown Farmer’s Market or digging in the dirt at Festival Beach Community Garden. Her new passion is getting to know local plants and what gifts they offer as food and medicine. She has enjoyed teaching and learning from kids in all kinds of settings for the last 19 years. Her favorite hobbies include dancing the two-step and climbing high on aerial silks and big rocks.








Joan Tennison has been coming to MasterSchool for more than 20 years! First she was a camper, then a Counselor in Training, then a Counselor and for years now, a MasterSchool teacher. Not only does she teach a morning class; Joan has been a driver, lifeguard, swim instructor, and counselor at Masterschool for over 10 years. She enjoys nature, science, the arts and loves MasterSchool so much, she'd even like to open her own camp someday! Joan earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology, and a Master of  Science in Interdisciplinary Studies from Texas State University. When she’s not at MasterSchool, Joan teaches 6th grade science at Lake Travis Middle School.  







    John Tennison is an artist living and

    working in Austin who is both a former  

    MasterSchool camper and counselor. 

    John received his Bachelor of Fine Arts

    from Texas State in 2013 and has been

    showing his artwork and working for

    various arts institutions in central

    Texas since. 






    His hobbies include reading and writing

    as well as wandering aimlessly through

    the trails at MasterSchool where he

    spend his childhood










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