Open House

You are invited to our Open House on Sunday,

June 4, from 2-3 p.m. You're also welcome to join the parents and friends of MasterStudents at our Open House on July 7, from 9:00-11:30 a.m.  Or, come see us any time MasterSchool is in session. (Please call ahead:  512-272-9910.)   Because MasterSchool is located on private property, we appreciate your not visiting at any other times.  Please contact us for directions to MasterSchool.





                    Summer Program                      at MasterSchool

                                               June 5-July 7, 2017



Here you see the famous Flower Van.  We don't use her anymore but we keep her around for old memories.

We pick up youngsters in rented vans in 3 places in Austin and drive them to our ranch near Manor where all of our activities take place:

1.  Disch-Falk: We'll be in the parking lot across the street from the U.T. baseball field on the northeast corner of IH 35 and MLK.  We'll begin loading at 7:45 a.m. and leave at 8:00 a.m.  We'll return between 4:45 and 5:00 p.m.

2.  Northwest Recreation Center:  We will meet you in the parking lot next to the church parking lot at MoPac and Northland.  We'll begin loading at 7:45 a.m. and leave no later than 8:00 a.m.  We'll return by 5:00 p.m.

3.  WestWood Shopping Center:  We'll be in the parking lot next to the ATM machine on Bee Caves Road.  We'll begin loading at 7:45 a.m., leave no later than 8:00 a.m. and will return by 5:00 p.m


         Each day at MasterSchool has five parts: 

           Community gathering, Morning Classes, Lunch, Workshops and Afternoon Free-time Activities                                                                                                                                                                                           













As soon as we arrive in the morning, we put up our stuff and spend a little time as a whole community.


The morning program begins after our community gathering.  Classes are limited to a maximum of 20 MasterStudents per teacher. Youngsters rotate through each of the morning classes, spending one week in each class. 


Children bring their own lunch and eat with their friends.  We read a chapter book to the youngsters after lunch.

Workshops begin after lunch.  Each youngster should choose one of the workshops. 

In the afternoon, children are free to choose their activities.  Some choices:













                   2017 MasterSchool Theme:                                Interdependence


The theme for all of our activities this summer is "interdependence."


Have you noticed that when you're grouchy, other people around you get grouchy too? And when you’re happy, others start smiling?

We’ve noticed that the same thing also happens with nations. For example, when one country is fearful, other countries start feeling afraid. And when a country is kind to other countries, they start being kind, too.

The reason this happens is because we are all interconnected; each of us relies on and is influenced by the rest of us. We are dependent on each other for—-well all sorts of things: food, cars, fun, movies, clothes, televisions, computers, oil, even water and air. Everyone on our planet Earth is linked together in various ways. 

This is one way interdependence happens at MasterSchool:




                           Community Gathering

                              From when we arrive (around 8:30) - 9:00

We all gather in the barn to welcome each other, put up our stuff and settle in. We have a community conversation on various topics: interdependence, cooperation, appreciating others, listening well, solving problems with friends, etc.  We often send an email to interested parents reporting on this always interesting and wise exchange of views. Before we leave for our morning classes, we have a big drink of water.






                              Morning Classes

                                                 9:00-10:00 and 10:30-11:30

   (Youngsters take a break for snacks and free play from 10:00-10:30)

In order to experience interdependence, both personal and global, youngsters, grouped by age, will "visit" 5 different countries.

Each week you will experience how the people in those various countries eat, speak, play, work, and worship. Here are the countries you'll visit and SOME of what you may do:




       When you visit MEXICO you’ll learn to speak a little Spanish, have a

  Mexican birthday party or

  celebrate dia de los muertos,

  visit a near-by Mexican

  mercado, and build a


  Twelve year MasterTeacher:

  Gustavo Cortés-Vega










Another week, you’ll learn songs and dances from NIGERIA, find out how Muslims in that country worship, construct a building for your village and make Nigerian food.  Last year one of "our" moms who works at the Unviersity of Texas arranged for us to be visited by leaders from various African countries.  We're hoping that happens again this year.  (Hint.  Hint.) 

Twenty Four year MasterTeacher, Clark Perry







When you visit INDIA you’ll make Indian food, watch a Bollywood movie, make henna tattoos, do a little yoga and have a Hindu celebration.

Three year MasterTeacher, Lauren Peterson

















   On your visit to GERMANY

   you’ll interview friends from

   Germany to see how they

   worship, work and play; you'll

   learn a popular German song,

   build a castle, make some German

   food, and play games that kids in

   Germany play.


Twenty-Four year MasterTeacher:   Joan Tennison




In VIETNAM you’ll celebrate the Year of the Rooster in a Vietnamese celebration using our huge dragon costume; you'll build a Buddhist temple, learn some words in Vietnamese and make some Vietnamese food.

Fourteen year MasterTeacher:  Thuan Tang






During your tour of our One World, you’ll participate in conversations about how each country you visit is dependent on the other countries as well as on the United States and how the United States is dependent on all other nations.


You'll learn some “interdependence” songs (such as “We Are All The Leaves of One Tree” and “Let There Be Peace on Earth”) and have  a Fifth of July Interdependence Day Celebration. 


On the last day of MasterSchool when we invite family and friends to visit, you’ll sing songs from around the world, teach your parents some dances and offer our visitors ideas for how we might all help produce and maintain harmony in our One World.








Please bring your own nutritious lunches, two snacks (one for the morning, one for the afternoon) and a big water bottle to use throughout the day. Please see the Happy Camper's Checklist. 








You should choose one of the workshops described below.  You will meet in these workshops daily for the full 5 week MasterSchool session.



                                           Soccer Workshop


   Pia Sundhage coached the USA

   Women’s Soccer team to two

   Olympic Gold medals by pushing

   her players to play smart, work as

   a team, and keep a good sense of    



   Franz Beckenbauer was a versatile

   player who “invented” the role of

   sweeper. He is known for the

   elegant and intelligent way he

   plays soccer.                                   
Like Beckenbauer, you’ll learn to be a creative, intelligent, versatile soccer player, discovering the strategies, skills and techniques needed by midfielders, sweepers and defenders as well as forwards and goal keepers.

Like Sundhage, you’ll learn to play smart, think creatively on your feet, work together as a team and keep your sense of humor.

This class is for both girls and boys and for beginners as well as those with experience in soccer. You’ll need a soccer ball, shin guards, and soccer shoes and socks.

Ages: 8-15      Twelve year MasterTeacher: Gustavo Cortes-Vega




                                         Wrangler Workshop



Although everyone may ride horses at MasterSchool, you’ll brush and tack up  the horses before the other riders come and feed them after they’ve been ridden.
You’ll learn to pick their feet, groom them and once a week you'll bathe them.
You’ll be in charge of the tack, learning how to repair and clean the reins and saddles.
You'll assist Lauren in giving rides to other MasterSchool kids.

Ages: 9-15    Three year MasterTeacher: Lauren Peterson





                                           Swim Workshop


Although free swimming is available to all MasterStudents, you will receive special beginning or intermediate swimming instruction in small classes based on your abilities and the American Red Cross standards. Want to swim like Tarzan? Dance in the water like Esther Williams? Race like Michael Phelps? Or do you just want to get comfortable, feel safe and learn some new strokes?

Ages:  5-9 

Twenty-four year MasterTeacher:  Joan Tennison







                   Epic Entertainment Production Workshop


   You will work with others

   in this workshop to create

   an epic production for the

   last day  of camp! We’ll

   come up with story ideas

   through brainstorming and

   inspirational games about

   any thing you want: 

   kingdoms, animals, space,

   your favorite books,



   We’ll take our time

   coming up with

   ideas, figure out how

   they fit together, add

   props, sets, songs, makeup,

   wigs, and action as

   needed...then we'll

   rehearse it to perfection.

   There are roles for all,  

   whether you want to perform or work behind the scenes. Older kids can have extra fun helping the younger ones; you will each get a voice in what you most want to do in the production.

Ages: 5-15      Twenty-four year MasterTeacher Clark Perry




            Making Rockets and Playing Games Workshop

Come build, paint and decorate your own rocket!  Youll take your rocket to the open spaces at the nearby park so you can shoot it off (then recover it and take it home.)  How far will your rocket fly?  How high?  What kinds of tricks will it do?

You'll also learn new board games and card games (and tricks).

Ages:  5-14 Thirteen year MasterTeacher Thuan Tang





            Afternoon Activities



                                                         Free Choice

Free play choices include swimming, horseback riding, playing in the mud, climbing trees, building rockets, taking a hay ride, playing in the woods, building club houses with "junk", inventing games, visiting with the farm animals, taking guided hikes, playing soccer, playing cooperative games, hanging out with friends, reading a book, playing board or card games, daydreaming....or think of something else--it's your choice!    




















                                    Think and Swim

While half of the children work on guided creative thinking and high level thinking skills, the other half  have the pool to themselves.






                                                                4:00- 4:30
Prepare to return home, sing songs, tell MasterSchool stories, find socks and look for water bottles....



                                             4:45- 5:00

                                          Arrive at the station in Austin






Total tuition for the full day 5 week MasterSchool Summer Program is $1817.  Transportation from/to Disch-Falk for the full 5 week session is $160; from/to the Northwest Recreation Center and the Westwood Shopping Center, $260.  T-shirt and class photo are free.