Application Procedure

Students will be accepted to MasterSchool who meet one of the following six criteria:

  • Identified as gifted by a school system
  • Score in the 99th %ile on any part of a standardized achievement test
  • Score 130 or above on an IQ test
  • Demonstrate unusual leadership abilities
  • Demonstrate unusual creative abilities
  • Demonstrate unusual thinking abilities                                                                                             

For children who have previously attended MasterSchool  please send:

the completed application--one for each child--and
deposit or full tuition.

That is all that is required.  We look forward to seeing you again!

For children who have not yet been accepted to MasterSchool please send:

the completed application- and
deposit or full tuition and
both of these:

  • A copy of test results OR a letter of recommendation from a teacher
  • AND
  • A note from your child (very young children may want to dictate it to you) or drawing explaining why he/she wants to participate in MasterSchool.

welcome to masterschool

   Mailing Address


   8400 Burleson-Manor Road

   Manor, Texas 78653


   Sorry, we cannot accept    

   applications through e-mail.     

   However, if you have questions,

   please e-mail us at:





Application for MasterSchool Safari May 28-31, 2019


MasterSchool at MasterSchool, June 3 - July 3, 2019

MasterSchool Application 2019


As soon as we receive your application, we will review it and notify you by e-mail if your child is accepted.  That's when you should go to our forms page to get the forms we need before your child comes to MasterSchool.




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“I enjoyed it more than any other camp.”
- Age 8